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A Netflix Adventure and Review

Today I signed up for Netflix. Originally, I was thinking to go with either Blockbuster or Intelliflx. However, both Blockbuster Online and Intelliflix seemed to get awful reviews on review boards I checked, so in the end I went with Netflix at first. I thought this site would be as good a place as any to review Netflix’s service and offer some observations on my experience.

The sign-up was painless and easy to understand. Simply type in your email information, your address, and add a payment method. Within a couple of minutes I was signed up and selecting movies.

The movie selection process is relatively efficient, but off hand I wonder if there isn’t a better way to browse Netflix’s database. I found it easy to search for movies, and easy to get recommendations by popularity or other critics, but I didn’t find it that efficient to browse through categories. I very well might be missing something, however.

Two features that interest me are the recommendations Netflix makes based on either the movie you just put into your queue, and recommendations based on movies/genres that you have rated. I look forward to seeing how helpful these recommendations become as I zap more movies with rating stars on their site.

I’m curious to see how the service is. I signed up for the two DVDs at a time plan, which is running at $13.99/month at the moment.

Deep Discount DVD: Sale Ending Soon

Just a heads up that the 20% off sale ends tomorrow at Deep I was hoping to get out cheaply, but ended up spending $200. Ouch.

Among other things, I picked up the Planet Earth TV series for $43, the Indiana Jones trilogy for $26 (never seems to drop in price), and a Lethal Weapon 1-3 Triple Pack (all widescreen) for $7.28. Also, I grabbed quite a few of their DVDs priced normally between six and seven dollars for between $4.80 and $5.50. All in all a pretty good resupply of movies to watch.

Good Deals: Hercules and Xena, Buy 1 Get 1 Free is having one of their Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales on TV box sets. What caught my eye for action/fantasy fans is the all the box sets for Hercules and Xena are included in this sale.

The Hercules season sets are $17.99 each (except for the first season, which is $11.99). The price includes shipping, and you can choose another season set free. The result is that you can get season sets for the insane price of $9.00 each.

The Xena season sets are more expensive, at $29.99 each. This price includes shipping as well. As with the Hercules deal, you get another season set free, reducing the total cost to $15 per season set.

I rarely watch television (Lost is the only series I watch; I’m currently working my way through the second season on DVD), but I’ve seen random episodes of both Hercules and Xena, and always thought it would be fun to watch some more. Both series get solid fan reviews.

I went ahead and purchased the six seasons of Hercules, for a total cost of just under $54. Nice price for a ton of entertainment. The first season also comes with the five Hercules made-for-TV movies, so at some point some of those movies may make a review here.

The sale runs to Wednesday, February 21, 2007. Enjoy!