Preview Impressions: In the Name of the King

Interestingly, at the beginning of the preview to In the Name of the King, when the soldier is describing how his forces got wiped out, I was having flashbacks to Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Only after watching for a few more seconds did I realize that the film isn’t a comedy: the soldier was trying to express panic and fear. This doesn’t bode well for the acting in this film. And did someone hypnotize Burt Reynolds (the king)? Wow. Once again, at the end of the preview, with the villain’s final line, I thought that perhaps In the Name of the King is a parody. Is the villain (Ray Liotta) simply a nutcase? Where are they going with this? Done right, a comical, cruel, insane villain might work in a film like this, but it would take excellent execution. After watching the preview a second time, In the Name of the King does look to be a standard tale of swords and sorcery, with perhaps a couple of original characters.

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The preview does a good job of giving you a peak at many of the elements in the movie. At a glance, I was impressed with the sword fighting, yet thoroughly unimpressed with the visual effects for magic. The hero looks physically unimpressive (Jason Statham), but it is nice to see a beautiful woman (Claire Forlani). The story looks quite traditional.

In the Name of the King is tied to the role-playing game Dungeon Siege, but this looks to be solely for marketing purposes. The film will release in December of 2007. This is a film to watch for me, but I’m a big fan of swords and sorcery films, even if they’re bad.

Prediction: 33 (Good fighting, awful story)

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