Preview Impressions: Pathfinder

pathfinder1.jpgSeems every time I’ve been to a theater in the past couple of months, there are posters splattered around for the movie Pathfinder, but I had heard nothing about it. I tracked down the trailer today to check it out.

I’ve always been a fan of hack ‘n slash combat, and Pathfinder looks to fall right smack in the middle of this category. We’ve got a simple story, lots of sword fighting, and an occasional sex scene tossed in for a respite from the action. All the ingredients of a classic action film! Yippee!

The problem is that most of the time these films fall far short of the mark because of sloppy action sequences, horrible editing, broken premises, and choppy stories. From the looks of the preview, however, Pathfinder might have a chance to buck the odds. The action scenes look fairly well shot. Who knows, if the story is simple enough, the movie might even make sense.

The acting could pull it down, however. I’m not encouraged in this regard. I also noticed we have a “bad barbarians pillage innocent village” scene that of course includes an “evil horseman cutting down a helpless villager from behind” shot. This does not speak well of the movie’s originality. And a quick question that arose was “How did the raiding Vikings get horses in North America?” I’m hoping the movie provides some sort of a logical answer to this question.

The story involves a Viking boy who gets left behind on a raid on Native Americans, and who is subsequently raised by the natives. When the Vikings return, he fights against them. As I watched this, I immediately cringed at the thought of the “unknowingly fight and kill your father” potential here, but they wouldn’t dare…would they?

A prediction is a complete shot in the dark here, but I’ll go with:

Prediction: 40, but I’m rooting for it to be much better.

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