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explosion.jpgThe action movie genre often gets dismissed in mainstream media outlets. Not here. Kaboom Review pays homage to everything good in action movies—movies that can draw us into a high-paced story, thrill us with visual and audio splendor, and relieve stress with escapist fun. Kaboom Review considers the action movie as an art form deserving solid respect.

Ultimately, Kaboom Review aims to help people find good action movies. To do this, I aim to build a substantial library of action movie reviews from all genres (spy, westerns, war, martial arts, comic book, contemporary, etc.). I started in December of 2006, and my goal is to add 50 to 100 action movie reviews a year. Each action movie review at Kaboom Review examines a film based on a set of key action movie components, quantifies these elements, and comes up with an overall score for the movie.

In addition to action movie reviews, I’ll also make occasional posts on action movie news and good shopping deals. As things move forward and our readership builds, I want to add more polls and interaction.

Lastly, I’m also looking to give awards in several categories: Best Action Movie, Worst Action Movie, Stupidest Scene in Action Movie History, Best Scene in Action Movie History, and other categories as I move on. Let me know if you’ve got a film candidate you think should get reviewed.

At the moment, this is a one-person venture. I pay all hosting costs out of pocket. I do attempt to cover these costs by advertising with select affiliates, but I want to keep this as unintrusive as possible. If you like what you see here and want to help out, purchases made at sites via links from this site do earn us a small commission. I’m grateful for your help.

Lastly, I welcome your feedback. Let me know what you think about a movie review or this site. Email me if you’ve got a movie you’d like to see reviewed. I’m always looking for new action movies to watch and review.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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